Family Nutrition

Weekly yoga, runs, pilates, pick-up basketball or soccer games getting to you? Do you struggle with your energy levels? It could be that you are missing something. Eat 2 Perform can help you figure out what that something is, with an in-depth look at lifestyle, overall health and wellness.

  • Dietary intake analysis
  • Functional foods
  • Hydration
  • Grocery shopping trips
  • Recipe review and analysis
  • Supplement intake
  • Eating behaviors and patterns
  • Taste and food preferences, weight concerns, physiology, lifestyle, time challenges, economics, environment, attitudes and beliefs, social/cultural/media influences and food safety

Consultation Topics Include:

  • Nutritional needs of each family member 
  • Review of your Family Wellness self-assessment & next steps 
  • Setting goals as a family

What to Expect

This is not a one size fits all approach—what may work for you may not work for the next person, so it is our goal to understand your needs, your personality and your body make-up in order to offer realistic and personal solutions to your nutrition and health concerns. Changing your lifestyle is a process that cannot be accomplished in one visit.

Initial Session: Food, activity and lifestyle assessment and goal setting.

Subsequent Sessions: Formulation of food, exercise and stress management plan (if needed), review of goals and objectives, evaluation of follow up laboratory work, dietary supplementation and any further information as needed to meet goals set in Initial session.

For Those On the Go

Focusing on your nutrition can happen anywhere.  Registered Dietitian and author of Creating Balance, Alene Baronian, has created a downloadable workbook that you can take anywhere.  If you would like to amp up your nutritional education, then purchase our enhancement package which includes food journaling through a mobile app which is as easy as posting to your favorite social media page.  You also recieve a personal review of your workbook entries, food journal interactions and a 30 minute virtual meeting with Alene.


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