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How it works

We’ll review your current eating habits and lifestyle during your initial nutrition assessment. From there, you’ll use our Healthie Concierge (food journal app) to log your food and beverage intake, exercise and any other lifestyle component that you may be working on for one week. Food journaling helps us understand your foundation, and from there we create a personalized program for you.

Initial Session

Sign up for an initial assessment session. All initial assessments are $199.

Choose a plan that works for you

We offer plans starting at a minimum of 3 months to help meet your goals. Whether you are an active person, athlete or trying to manage your weight, there is a plan for you. Sessions can be scheduled anytime within your monthly time period. If you need more help in the beginning, we can personalize that experience.

Choose from our plans

  • Simple

  • $224/month
  • 3 Month Commitment

    • Three 30-40 minute sessions
    • Healthie App checkup: 1 per month

  • Flex

  • $454/month
  • 3 Month Commitment

    • Six 30-40 minute sessions
    • Healthie App checkup: 2 per month

  • Pro

  • $824/month
  • 3 Month Commitment

    • Twelve 30-40 minute sessions
    • Healthie App checkup: 4 per month

  • A La Carte

  • $259/one-time
  • One Session

    • One 30-40 minute session
    • Pay per session
    • Healthie App checkup: 1 time

  • Assessment

  • $199/one-time
  • Required

    • Book initial assessment.
    • Get started on your customized plan.

Athlete's/Coach's Corner

Your source for all things sports nutrition related to perform your best

Nutrition and Wellness

Resources and guidance to stay informed with our tried and true tips

Digital Workbooks

Check out our downloadable workbooks for your specific nutrition needs

Ready to get started?

Book your initial assessment to get started on your customized plan. Not sure where to start? Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation so we can talk through the options.