Eat 2 Perform Inc. is a team of nutrition experts who use the most comprehensive science based strategies and years of experience to educate and coach individuals to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. By educating and improving our own lives and being dedicated to enhancing the lives of others, we are creating a healthier and more productive world.


Sports Nutrition

Sport nutrition needs can change whether you are on or off season, training or competing, or have health risks. Eat 2 Perform can help craft a program for your nutrition and hydration needs, and to reach your ideal weight for your sport.

Weight Management

Maintaining a certain weight is about long term change that is manageable for your lifestyle. We create customized programs that help clients feel great and obtain the knowledge necessary to sustain their desired weight without restrictive dieting.

Family Nutrition

If you’re struggling with energy levels, you could be missing something. We can help you figure out what that is by giving an in-depth look at your lifestyle, overall health and wellness.

Teen Nutrition

Enhance athletic performance by ensuring that your nutrition and hydration needs are met, and you have reached your ideal weight for your sport. Fueling needs can change whether you are on or off season, training vs. competing, or have health risks.


This is not a one size fits all approach – what may work for you may not work for the next person. The goal at Eat 2 Perform is to understand your needs, your personality and body makeup in order to offer realistic and personalized solutions to meet your nutrition and health concerns. We believe and have seen success in our approach of taking baby steps — one change at a time.


We are so glad to have found Alene! I took my two teens -one is a ballerina and the other participates with a competitive gymnastics team- because I was concerned with their diets, energy level, and the impact of school and their demanding sports. Alene analyzed their current diet and made realistic changes that took into consideration their limited time.


Los Altos, CA

I met with Alene Baronian several times leading up to my first half marathon run, which I did in under two hours in 2012. She taught me so many things about nutrition that I think were essential for that to happen for me. Her friendly and open demeanor, and willingness to answer all of my questions patiently and completely made her a joy to work with.


San Carlos, CA

Working with Alene was great. Our sessions were informative and motivating. Over time, I became more disciplined by eating better, reducing my calories and increasing my exercise with resistance training. I lost 20 lbs, 3 inches in my waisted and reduced my percentage of body fat significantly. I highly recommend working with her.

Robert C.

Saratoga, CA

Owner, Alene Baronian – MS, RDN – has been a registered dietitian for over 20 years.She has an undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Food Administration and a graduate degree in Health Education. She has a plethora of experience including corporate wellness, community nutrition, clinical nutrition, health education and physical fitness. She is certified as a Corporate Wellness Specialist, Adult Weight Management and Child Weight & Obesity Management.


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