Sports Nutrition

Athletes and Active Lifestyles

Sport nutrition needs can change whether you are on or off season, training or competing, or have health risks. Eat2Perform can help craft a program for your nutrition and hydration needs, and to reach your ideal weight for your sport.

Teen Athlete Performance

Sport Specific

Adult Active Lifestyle

Areas of Focus

Energy needs

Nutrient and fluid needs

Strategies for weight change if necessary

Analysis of supplementation and ergogenic aids

Recovery foods

Taste and food preferences, time challenges, economics, environment, attitude and beliefs, social/cultural/media influences and food safety.

Athletes in Action

Meet Jiveen: College Basketball

Meet Emma: All Around College Athlete

Athlete's/Coach's Corner

Your source for all things sports nutrition related to perform your best

Nutrition and Wellness

Resources and guidance to stay informed with our tried and true tips

Digital Workbooks

Check out our downloadable workbooks for your specific nutrition needs

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