We are so glad to have found Alene! I took my two teens -one is a ballerina and the other participates with a competitive gymnastics team- because I was concerned with their diets, energy level, and the impact of school and their demanding sports. Alene analyzed their current diet and made realistic changes that took into consideration their limited time. She was able to make them more mindful of what they were eating and how to make smart choices at home and school. These changes became habits over time. They both have noticed an improvement in their performance at school and in their dance/gymnastics classes, which has reinforced the changes that they have made. All of this was accomplished with Alene’s gentle but firm approach. This would not have happened without her help and expertise. Thank you Alene!

Leslie - Los Altos, CA

I have worked with Alene for over 2 years. She has completely changed the way I think about food, my weight and overall health, the “dieting” concept, etc. I just cannot say enough good things about Alene both as an expert in this area and as a person. She is a great listener and treats every client and situation with individual perspectives and guidance. With her help the last few years I have lost over 15 pounds, kept the weight off permanently, and feel so much better / more energized overall. I would highly recommend Alene to anyone looking to fundamentally change the way they think about food, weight and overall long-term health.

Brian - Los Altos, CA

I’ve been meeting with Alene for over two years now. In that time, I’ve gradually lost over 20 pounds by making small, easy-to-maintain changes to my diet and exercise routine. I didn’t want to make major life changes I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep. When we compared the amount of food I was eating a day to the amount I should be eating, Alene pointed out that I could lose weight by cutting out just a few hundred calories (like the amount in a single cookie). We made minor, healthier changes to my diet, but I don’t feel like I’m giving up things I like–she even helped me discover some health foods that I really enjoy eating! Alene has been a great resource for diet- and exercise-related questions and suggestions. She motivates me to become more active and teaches that healthy living involves more than just diet, but also sleep and exercise. After reaching my original goal of losing 20 pounds, I’m still seeing Alene and have set a new goal to lose another 10! With Alene’s help, I’m confident I’ll succeed!

Jason - San Francisco, CA

Alene exceeded all my expectations of what seeing a nutritionist could do for my life. When I first went to see her, I was desperate to do something about my weight, but equally didn’t believe anything could be done; everything I had tried previously had failed miserably. In the space of two years, she helped me transform my life. I’ve lost a huge amount of weight, to the point where I don’t need to lose any more; I’m addicted to working out, I enjoy my food more than ever before, my energy levels have never been higher, and I keep discovering unexpected benefits, like not getting sick so often, and recovering more quickly when I do. Alene’s approach was always more about enabling me to figure things out for myself, and never about telling me what to do (although she did push me a little when necessary, for example towards trying foods I wouldn’t have considered trying myself). I always appreciated her ability to take my whole life, work and home, into consideration, and to work around all the various constraints and challenges that brings.

Luke - Redwood City, CA

Alene has taught me how to support my daily activities & athletic pursuits through proper nutrition. I have more energy and a greater appreciation for what I put in to my body. One additional benefit that I didn’t expect?? My skin is clearer and brighter. I now have an outward sign that I’m doing the right thing for myself. Thanks for your guidance, Alene!

Jenny - Woodside, CA

I met with Alene Baronian several times leading up to my first half marathon run, which I did in under two hours in 2012. She taught me so many things about nutrition that I think were essential for that to happen for me. Her friendly and open demeanor, and willingness to answer all of my questions patiently and completely made her a joy to work with.

Eric - San Carlos, CA

I have really enjoy working with Alene to better my overall nutrition. She consistently challenges me to live healthier and make smart choices about my diet (and exercise) plan. The way in which Alene presents these new ideas about eating actually makes changing old habits fun. I’m also always impressed that each time we meet she is able to offer me unique, yet very practical, suggestions. I actually didn’t realize until I working with her how much of my nutrition information was outdated or misinformed. What makes working with Alene unique? She truly cares about helping you making long lasting positive changes!

Monica - Oakland, CA

I feel great… finally! But I couldn’t always say that. When I first starting meeting with Alene, my jeans fit so tightly I could see the stitching pulling apart in protest. The waist pinched painfully at my stomach, and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Not anymore! Those same jeans are now my favorite pair of pants. I may even need a smaller size…! I used to think that weight loss meant restrictions and denial, which, let’s be honest… kind of sucks. But it’s not that way with Alene! I’ve been able to eat my favorite foods and still shed the pounds. Sure, losing weight can be a challenge. But that’s why it helps to have support. And Alene is the best person for the job! Friendly to the core, she inspires the change you want to see without ever passing judgment. By learning what makes you succeed and also what makes you stray from your goals, Alene caters directly to your needs. Tired of de-tagging those unflattering photos of yourself on Facebook? I used to de-tag constantly… but now? I’m thrilled with the pictures I’m tagged in! It’s truly gratifying to see photos of myself and finally be able to say, “I look good.” Thanks again for all your help!

Allie - Redwood City, CA

Alene has been awesome because I can just be honest about what the ways in which I’m struggling with food, even emotionally, and she listens. She’s taught me from the very beginning that it’s all about balance, and that there is no quick fix. I think the first thing she said to me when I was starting out was that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are in it together. I have learned people have different body types and hunger levels, so there’s no one size fits all — we are still tweaking things every week to help me reach goals on many different levels. It’s not even about the number on the scale anymore. It’s about feeling stronger. It’s about how my clothes fit and making the right choices in the long term that support a healthy lifestyle. My body has completely changed, and I feel amazing.

Stream - Savannah, GA