Teen Sports Nutrition Workbook


Maintaining a certain weight is about long term change that is manageable for your lifestyle. We create customized programs that help clients feel great and obtain the knowledge necessary to sustain their desired weight without restrictive dieting.


By completing the Teen Sports Nutrition Workbook you will have the tools to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of nutrition
  • Learn how to keep track of calorie intake/outtake
  • Nutritional timing best practices
  • Importance of tracking your sleep for peak performance


You will gain access to:

  • Downloadable, Printable Workbook
  • What you should be eating daily
  • Readiness and Pre/Post Nutrition Quiz
  • Pregame, during and post game nutrition best practices
  • Content Calendar for scheduling your school, eating and sports activities.


Take your nutrition to the next level with a workbook + online access with Registered Dietician, Alene Baronian.

  • Review of your Sports Nutrition Workbook entries
  • Use our Healthie App for simple food journaling for one week so Alene can see what you are eating on the go
  • Schedule your 30min appointment with Alene