Peak Performance Upgrade


For $99, you will receive a review and assessment of your workbook, a 30 minute meeting with Alene and mobile app credentials for food journaling. Journal logs and sent  directly to Alene in order to provide a truly personalized experience.


By the end of your workbook + personalized nutritional assessment you will be able to

-have a clear understanding of your nutritional needs and goals

-able to make conscious decisions when eating

-understand what your body needs to be at your best

First Add your workbook to the cart, then include the Enhancement Package to start your healthy lifestyle.

Family Nutrition Workbook by Eat2PerformWeight Management Workbook by Eat2Perform

You’ll get access to

-a personalized review and assessment of your workbook

 -a 30 minute video or call with Registered Dietician, Alene Baronian

-Access to our mobile app for food journaling that is  sent directly to Alene.