Sports Nutrition Workbook


Digital download workbook to get started on your Sports Nutrition program.  Amp up your nutrition planning with our $99 enhancement package that includes access to our food journaling app and one-on-one access with a registered dietician.


By completing the Sports Nutrition Workbook you will have the tools to:

  • Gain a better understanding for the importance of nutrition in athletic pursuits.
  • Learn how to track calorie intake, nutritional intake and sleep.
  • The importance of exercise and heart rate as it pertains to performance goals.


You will get access to:

  • Downloadable, Printable Workbook
  • Components of Exercise & Heart Rate
  • What to Eat for Recovery, Calorie Intake and Pre/Post Workout
  • Your Hydration and Sleep Tracker


Take your nutrition to the next level with a workbook + online access with Registered Dietician, Alene Baronian.

  • Review of your Sports Nutrition Workbook entries
  • Use our Healthie App for simple food journaling for one week  so Alene can see what your are eating on the go
  • Schedule your 30min appointment with Alene