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5 Reasons Why Our Flex Plan Is Perfect For You

5 Reasons Why Our Flex Plan Is Perfect For You

Has the summer left you feeling a little guilty? It’s time to put aside the guilt and focus on your goals. As the new school year begins, there’s no better time to start forming healthy habits and routines – for yourself and your family. Well, you’ve found yourself on our website, and that’s a great place to start! But, which program is right for you AND which program will generate lasting results? Let us tell you why the Flex Plan will do both of these things.

Our Flex Plan is a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) approach to reaching lasting results health and nutrition goals. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. 3 Month Commitment

Research has revealed that habits take 66 days to form. That is the equivalent of 2 months and 5 days. By choosing our 3 month Flex Plan, the first two months will allow us to get to know YOU and lead you in the formation of nutritious habits. In the third month, we’ll be able to work alongside you as you navigate a balanced lifestyle and solidify your new habits. 

2. Personal Approach & 1:1 Advising

Everyone loves when things are personalized to them, and with our flex plan, you’ll have just that. The flex plan provides you with 6 one on one consultations lasting up to 40 minutes. This way, we are able to get to know you, your concerns, and your desires so that we can provide you with plans and suggestions that are tailored to your lifestyle and your preferences!

Doing this ensures that we are comprehensive in each of the following topics:

3. Healthie App Access

Healthie is a mobile food and activity diary that will help you stay motivated during your time on our Flex Plan. With this app, you simply take a picture of what you ate, drank and type in any workout you did. This allows us to assess your meals and make sure that they’re balanced. It also allows us to ensure that your food choices compliment your goals.

4. No More Counting Calories!

Think coming to a dietitian is going to involve time wasted looking up calories in ingredients and typing in each one? Think again! Our approach to nutrition removes this tedious task. Research has shown that calories are not reflective of the quality of food that you are eating. Rather, they just reveal how much energy the food can provide. At Eat 2 Perform, we look at the photos you’ve provided through Healthie to help you make sure that you are eating nutrient-dense, balanced meals that work for you.

5. See the Change

Over the course of three months, you’ll see your habits change as you look back on Healthie entries. Eat 2 Perform aims to help active individuals reach their highest level of performance. Since we commit to you for three months, you will also likely see your performance improve. With our help, you’ll establishing healthy habits and routines to ensure that your body is in the best shape for whatever you desire – speed, strength, agility, etc.

There’s no need to wait for Monday or for the new year to accomplish your goals when you could start today. We are ready for you! Send us an email and we would love to work with you as you begin to navigate the changes that will come when you make your nutrition a priority!

How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle From The Inside Out

How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle From The Inside Out

Our mind and body are connected in fascinating ways. Have you ever experienced an upset stomach on the same day as a big meeting or event? It’s the body’s way of responding to stress. The connection is also valuable for inner health.

There is a correlation between what you eat and how you feel. Nutrition is essential not only for life, but for a healthy life.

Here are the right things to feed your body that will leave you feeling great:

1. Cantaloupe and Mango – These sweet summer fruits are loaded with nutrients benefiting skin. They contain vitamin A, important for the growth of new cells keeping skin looking young and healthy. They also contain vitamin C, an important antioxidant essential to collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides elasticity, and thus tightness, to the skin. Make a fruit salad for a delicious, skin-benefiting treat!

2. Leafy green vegetables – Greens, like kale, swiss chard, and collards are touted for their fiber, folate, iron, and calcium. But did you know the vitamin K they contain can reduce visible veins? Varicose veins are caused by weakened valves causing blood to collect and veins to weaken.1 Vitamin K is important for vascular health and normal blood clotting.

3. Nuts and Seeds – These ballgame-friendly snacks are also friendly to skin tissue! The vitamin E in nuts and seeds (like sunflower seeds) is a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals damaging tissue. Fighting free radicals keeps skin looking young and radiant.

4. Seafood – Seafood benefits skin with its protein and healthy fat. However its high dose of zinc makes it especially unique. Seafood has more zinc than any other food. This mineral is necessary for hair follicle health, skin cell turnover, and healthy mucous membranes—providing protection to the mouth, nose, and eyelids among other things.

5. Water! – This important liquid is significant to glowing from the inside out. Health professionals often mention drinking water as an important habit for maintaining bright and radiant skin. Like other organs needing water, your skin is an organ that needs water to be as healthy as possible.

6. Vitamin C – No need to fall into a citrus and berry rut to get in your Vitamin C. Purple cabbage yields a good amount of Vitamin C and adds a striking color to this smoothie. Because Vitamin C improves cell growth, a diet high in Vitamin C may result in fewer skin wrinkles.

Find a breathing technique that works for you. Counting breaths, in and out, draws attention away from the stressor and focuses your mind on the present. It can be different for everyone. Some people close their eyes. Some sit cross-legged. Some exhale with the mouth open. Find what centers you and makes you comfortable. Encourage others. Another way to draw attention away from a stressor is to focus on someone else. Boosting someone’s confidence or helping them with a problem will in turn, build your confidence and give you more strength.

When we feel confident and radiant on the inside, it shines through to those around us.  By feeding our body with nourishing food, encouragement, and kindness, we can reduce stress, improve energy, and glow from within!

The Business Professional’s Guide To Staying Healthy

The Business Professional’s Guide To Staying Healthy

Juggling work, kids, volunteering, looking after elderly parent? How do you find time to take care of you? One of the main reasons why people don’t focus on their health is time. Health becomes less of a priority until you have to make it a priority.

Work can get in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hours sitting working on a project, the stress of meeting deadlines, traveling to time zones that through your sleep and whole system off and the food environment that lends to high processed and caloric items.

Here are some tips to help combat these barriers.

  1. Hydrate– this help in so many ways. It will require you to get up from your desk to use the restroom. I usually encourage my clients to go to the furthest restroom there is that way you will incorporate more movement in your day.
  2. Add mini breaks to reduce stress from deadlines. Studies show that breaking up long hours of working helps with productivity and quality of output. Use those breaks to move, get up and get some water or a cup of decaf coffee or tea or do a few laps around your building or block.
  3. Be mindful of caffeine intake– Often time caffeine is used for energy when fatigues sets in. The afternoon is prime time. Doing a set of squats or push ups or holding plank at your desk can get you out of the afternoon lull and gets blood pumping. If you really need some caffeine, look for green tea or a half caffeinated beverage.
  4. While traveling consider a probiotic which helps strengthen your gut bacteria, overall immunity and may help keep you regular.
  5. Create a balanced food environment. Take food from home or have items in your environment that are high in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. Whether your employer provides food, you choose to eat out or you bring you lunch, balancing your meals out will ensure sustained energy and productivity and will prevent imbalanced meal fatigue.
  6. Lunch time exercise– bring comfortable shoes and take a walk at work, use your work gym or take an exercise class at a nearby exercise studio at lunch. You will notice an increased amount of energy throughout your day and a great way to maintain or add in exercise and movement to your day.

A few tweaks to your day will help with creating healthier habits at work and maintaining overall health. Work doesn’t need to get in the way of being healthy. Use the tips above and let us know what works for you.

Practice Self Love For Valentines Day

Practice Self Love For Valentines Day

February is the month of love, Almost always, it’s to those that are closest and dear to us. At Eat 2 Perform, we’re challenging you to change that up! We believe that if you don’t love yourself, it’s difficult to deeply love others.

Love is defined as a warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion. Client’s who struggle with eating healthy and weight management, struggle with showing love to themselves. They lack a warm attachment to themselves, in fact they’re consistently beating themselves up and have negative self talk. They lack enthusiasm to try new things. What they’ve been doing hasn’t been working but have a hard time changing things up. Lastly, it’s challenging to be devoted to a healthy lifestyle that works for them. They’re devoted to helping others but they are very low on the priority list.

So this February, we challenge you to LOVE YOU FIRST. If you love you first, you will be successful with whatever health and performance goals you have. What does loving yourself look like?

  1. Make an appointment with yourself six days a week to move.
  2. Take time to plan healthy meals and purchase the food so you have it in your environment. Even if this means eating healthy foods out.
  3. Be still once a day for as long as you can.
  4. Take deep breaths.
  5. Use food to nourish yourself not to reward yourself.
  6. Everyday say one thing that you love about yourself.
  7. Pamper you! Whether that means making time for a great workout, a mani/pedi, a good book, a massage, creating a new playlist or having out with a friend. Do something that fills your bucket.
  8. Drink plenty of water.
  9. Volunteer or do work that YOU love.
  10. Repeat.