The Business Professional’s Guide To Staying Healthy

The Business Professional’s Guide To Staying Healthy

Juggling work, kids, volunteering, looking after elderly parent? How do you find time to take care of you? One of the main reasons why people don’t focus on their health is time. Health becomes less of a priority until you have to make it a priority.

Work can get in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hours sitting working on a project, the stress of meeting deadlines, traveling to time zones that through your sleep and whole system off and the food environment that lends to high processed and caloric items.

Here are some tips to help combat these barriers.

  1. Hydrate– this help in so many ways. It will require you to get up from your desk to use the restroom. I usually encourage my clients to go to the furthest restroom there is that way you will incorporate more movement in your day.
  2. Add mini breaks to reduce stress from deadlines. Studies show that breaking up long hours of working helps with productivity and quality of output. Use those breaks to move, get up and get some water or a cup of decaf coffee or tea or do a few laps around your building or block.
  3. Be mindful of caffeine intake– Often time caffeine is used for energy when fatigues sets in. The afternoon is prime time. Doing a set of squats or push ups or holding plank at your desk can get you out of the afternoon lull and gets blood pumping. If you really need some caffeine, look for green tea or a half caffeinated beverage.
  4. While traveling consider a probiotic which helps strengthen your gut bacteria, overall immunity and may help keep you regular.
  5. Create a balanced food environment. Take food from home or have items in your environment that are high in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. Whether your employer provides food, you choose to eat out or you bring you lunch, balancing your meals out will ensure sustained energy and productivity and will prevent imbalanced meal fatigue.
  6. Lunch time exercise– bring comfortable shoes and take a walk at work, use your work gym or take an exercise class at a nearby exercise studio at lunch. You will notice an increased amount of energy throughout your day and a great way to maintain or add in exercise and movement to your day.

A few tweaks to your day will help with creating healthier habits at work and maintaining overall health. Work doesn’t need to get in the way of being healthy. Use the tips above and let us know what works for you.

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