It’s Time for Creating Balance

It’s Time for Creating Balance

What comes to mind for you when you hear the word “balance”? For us, we think of our Eat 2 Perform clients who lead busy, busy, busy lives. They’re spinning multiple white plates in the air, trying to keep them all whirring so that none of them clatter to the ground. One plate might represent their nutrition, one plate represents daily exercise, one plate for seven to eight hours of sleep per night. They’re trying their best to keep their lives- and their health- in balance.

Most of us have aspects of our lives that we want to improve – perhaps we want to move more, or we want to calm our minds with meditation more often, or increase our intake of veggies every day. Ultimately, we want to feel healthier, stronger, productive and more balanced. What are your health and wellness goals?

If you’re ready to define your goals and make these small, sustainable changes toward living your healthiest, most balanced life, you’ve come to the right place. We’re thrilled to share our new Creating Balance workbook with you. Creating Balance helps you assess your readiness to put small changes in place. It then walks you through various areas where you can make these changes – your nutrition, your movement, your sleep habits, your stress management, your hydration habits and more.

We hear many of our clients say, “I wish I had the willpower to stick to my goals.” But it’s not about willpower! We think the word “willpower”, which can be defined as “delayed gratification”, sounds arduous. No thank you! Willpower also conjures up an image of something mysterious…what is this “willpower”, where do we find it, and who has it?

Instead, it’s about examining why you want to make these changes – it is about motivation. And we encourage you to come up with a motivator (or perhaps several), for wanting to improve your health. Is it to live a longer, fuller life? Is it so that you’re able to keep up with your three-year-old granddaughter? To do more marathons, Tough Mudder events or make varsity? Is it to reduce the number of pills in your medicine cabinet or not have any at all?

Are you ready to lead a more balanced life? Yes! We sure hope so! Creating Balance will help you keep those plates in the air. The more you practice your balance, the easier it becomes. We promise.

Creating Balance is now available for purchase here. Hard copies will be available soon!

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