Why Eat 2 Perform?

Why Eat 2 Perform?

People are under the impression that I only do Sports Nutrition because of the name, Eat 2 Perform. I choose the name because eating has so much to do with your everyday performance. Whether you are a competitive athlete, an executive, a full time Mom or an HR director. You need to maintain your energy throughout the day to be productive and do all the things you love in life.

I don’t know how many times I have heard from clients, “I need a nap at 3-4pm everyday”. Why do you think this is happening? I know some of you may start with “Our body’s rhythms dip and we need to take naps, etc…” For most of us, the feeling of needing a nap is usually a result of what we ate for lunch. The macronutrient composition of that meal could be wrong for you or you may have eaten too much. There are other factors involved too but seeing a Registered Dietitian (RD) can help you sort out why your energy dips when it does.

Eat 2 Perform is not just about competitive performance, it’s about assisting each of you to achieve the best diet for you. To get you to perform at your best level, no matter what you do.

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