This App Helps You Lose Weight

This App Helps You Lose Weight

Did you know there was an app that can help you lose weight?

Yes, an app! It helps you virtually connect with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and hold you accountable. Healthie has more awesome features like entering food logs by taking a picture, tracking your goals/workouts, and will even give you access to do face-to-face time with a registered dietitian nutritionist to make this journey go as smooth as possible. Don’t believe me? Here are 3 ways how the Healthie app will help you make your lifestyle a healthy one.

1.Stay Accountable

We know that it can be difficult to hold yourself accountable when it comes to eating and staying on track. Sometimes you need more than self-discipline especially when you are running out of energy. The Healthie app can save you time from counting calories and inputting all of your workouts. You just simply take picture of what your ate and log your type of workout you did on the app.

2. Tracking Progress is Easier

With the Healthie app, tracking your progress is a piece of cake. You can create daily, weekly, and long-term goals with the encouragement of your dietitian. There is a “metrics” feature that lets you track your weight, body fat percentage, waist circumference, GI issues, and even your BMI. If you use a wearable device, such as a Fitbit, you can sync its data into the Healthie app for automatic tracking.

3. Communicate with an Expert

With Healthie, you get notified when your RDN comments on your food logs, journals, and activities. In case you start slacking on your eating habits, your RDN will provide friendly encouraging nudges to get you back on track. Need to schedule an appointment to discuss your progress or any concerns? Not a problem. You can book an in-person appointment or a virtual session when you are on the go.

Whether you want to get fit for an upcoming event or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle, the Healthie app will help you become successful. Tracking and understanding your nutritional information may be tricky, but it gets easier once you share it with your RDN to encourage you and hold yourself accountable. Talking about your decisions and keeping track of your progress will help you realize what is needed to change your lifestyle for the better. It’s time to get Healthie!  

Want to get started using the Healthie app?

In addition to submitting food journal entries in the Healthie App, you may also use the messaging feature to communicate with us. This service is included in all plans, but can also be purchased separately. Requires an initial nutrition assessment before setup.

Schedule Your Initial Assessment!

A la carte pricing:

  • $99 per month
  • Checkups twice per week

Healthie Concierge is great if you:

  • Are often on the go and need help virtually
  • Need help staying on track
  • Want personalized help or feedback between sessions
  • You are a team coach who needs advice on what to feed your kids during games and tournaments

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