Three Foods That Can Help You Burn Fat

Three Foods That Can Help You Burn Fat

There are many different strategies to losing weight nowadays, but knowing which strategy works for you can be tricky. For those who love spicy food, you may be in luck. Research suggests that spicy foods may help with weight loss in certain doses. Significant weight loss may not be apparent when adding just a little bit of spice to your diet, but may be more apparent when used in combination with a healthy eating plan and exercise.

  1. Chili Pepper
  2. Cayenne Peppers
  3. Jalapeño Pepper

These three foods contain a substance known as capsaicin, which makes them spicy and may provide health benefits such as weight loss and decreased appetite. Studies suggest that the capsaicin component in chili peppers may help increase thermogenesis, thus increasing energy expenditure (burning calories)

How exactly do spicy foods help with weight loss and burning fat?

Another benefit of capsaicin is decreasing appetite, which in turn leads to decreased intake of fats and calories, resulting in weight loss due to less energy intake.

Although spicy foods may help with weight loss, this strategy is not for everyone due to different tolerance levels.Spicy foods may also help increase fat oxidation (fat breakdown) when meals contain a high fat content. If you can increase your tolerance of spicy foods, that can lead to increased therapeutic intakes of capsaicin, resulting in more potent effects. Although, capsaicin may help with weight loss, this component should be combined with exercise and a healthy diet to help increase energy expenditure and fat loss, rather than be used alone to obtain the health benefits.

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