Eating with Intent

Eating with Intent

At Eat 2 Perform, every client’s first appointment includes an initial assessment, where we discuss medical and diet history, behaviors, physical activity and goals. I often find that during this discussion, clients aren’t eating with intent. What is eating with intent? It’s every choice you make when it comes to the food you’re consuming.

What you should be asking yourself

Take a moment to reflect on your eating choices. Why are you eating what you’re eating? The common response is that it’s because it tastes good and/or that it’s what available at the time. When people see food, their response is to have a taste, usually regardless of whether they’re hungry or not. But your body knows what you want, and if it’s not signaling that you’re hungry, it may not be necessary to taste that food that’s there. At the same time, denying your body the fuel that it’s craving may be more harmful than helpful.

Think about the types of food you’re consuming. Is it something that’s helping you achieve your health and wellness goals? What are your goals? What types of foods do you think will help you reach what you want for yourself?

These questions are important in understanding how to practice mindful eating. Food isn’t just fuel; it’s part of different cultures and traditions. So when you sit down to eat, really think about what is going into this meal. Slowing down and reflecting can play a huge role in influencing what you eat and when.

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