Get the Facts on Flax

Get the Facts on Flax

Flax or flax seeds are a crop that has been around for thousands of years and is said to possess many health benefits. Further, flax seeds should be eaten in grounded form in order to obtain the benefits of the seed. Eating them whole may just pass right through your system undigested if not chewed enough. The many health benefits comes from the seeds’ lignans, omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber, all of which contribute to the many health benefits of flax seeds. Some of these health benefits of flax seeds may include:

Improving cardiovascular health

Flax seeds are good source of omega 3 fatty acids, which is an essential nutrient that has been found to help lower blood pressure. Some studies have found that flaxseeds lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients due to increased levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Alpha linolenic acid (APA) a type of omega 3 fatty acid found in the flaxseed oil, helps to fight cardiovascular disease.

Weight loss

May help with weight loss due to fiber content of flax seeds. The fiber in flaxseed helps to increase fullness, thus less calories are being consumed. Also keep in mind that flaxseeds soak up water, so be careful not to consume too much dry.


Lignans are a polyphenol found in flaxseeds containing antioxidants that contribute to some of the cardiovascular health benefits of flax. Some of these benefits include lowering and control of blood sugar, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, and preventing DNA damage resulting in cancer formation and spreading.

Although flaxseeds provide some of these health benefits, most of these findings were found in animal research and not so much human research. Though there has been some findings of flaxseed benefits in humans, results are not conclusive enough to determine all the health benefits of flaxseeds.


by Owen Ng


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