Nidhi: What I Learned as an Eat 2 Perform Intern

Nidhi: What I Learned as an Eat 2 Perform Intern

Coming into my first internship, I was really nervous. I didn’t know if I knew enough or what would be expected of me. Throughout the internship, I got the chance to take what I had learned in school and use that to develop nutritional plans, write blogs, and create social media content for the company. It was definitely a challenge, learning all these new skills. However, it opened up so many new doors and interests. After completing this internship at Eat 2 Perform, I am excited to start my life in the working world.


Developing a Client’s Nutritional Plan

I was able to develop a nutritional plan for a real client. Creating a nutrition plan for an imaginary person in class is very different than creating a plan for a real client. I found out the client’s calorie needs, hydration needs, carbohydrate requirements during workouts, the percentage of macronutrients within the diet. Each part of this assignment came together to build a clear and understandable plan for the client. It was definitely a learning experience, but every step of the way I knew that I was helping someone become their best self.



I got to utilize my writing skills. I have never blogged before, so learning how to write a blog was both tough and exciting. I got to write about several topics that have been taught in my classes. I learned how to change my writing styles, how to create exciting, yet readable content, and how to find what content will be enticing for readers. The hardest part of this was not writing in a research paper structure, even though there was a lot of research that went into creating the blogs. Writing in a way that is light, but informative when creative writing is not my strong suit was challenging. It took a while to learn all of these skills, but once I was able to put it all together, I was able to write a solid blog.


Social Media

I have seen marketing through social media, but I never really understood how much work and research it took to post one instagram story or facebook post. Before posting anything, the team would look through facebook, twitter, instagram, and other blog websites to see what common topics were. From that information, the topics for posts would be created. It was exciting to see the step by step process as these posts came alive.

I came into this internship completely unsure of what I wanted to do in the future, but I am leaving it with open eyes. The mistakes I made throughout this internship have given me the opportunity to learn more than I can in a classroom. Because of this, I know now that I want to help people become their best selves. I want to aid in improving their health, fitness, or lifestyle. Coming out of this internship, learning several different aspects of nutrition and marketing, I feel much more confident in pursuing my passion.

by Nidhi Pradhan


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