Confidently Take on the Holidays

Confidently Take on the Holidays

Do the holidays make you nervous about gaining weight or going off track from your diet? The holidays are a time for friends, family, and fun and the worry about what to eat should not get in the way. If the holidays make you nervous or get you off track, here are some tips and tricks to help you take on the holidays confidently.


Eat Slow

Rushing while you eat can cause you to eat more and feel guilty about it later. Instead of trying to eat as much as you can in little time, try slowing down the bites and chewing slowly. Eating is not a competition so try to eat with a purpose rather than an end goal!

Something to help with slow eating is to be more selective with your food choices. The more selective you are, the more likely you are to enjoy the food on the plate rather than to just swallow it. Being selective can help you avoid going back for a second helping but can also help you keep track of what you are eating throughout that meal.

Eating too fast can cause heartburn or acid reflux. If you are experiencing either of these, try and slow down when you eat. If you get acid reflux regularly, it could be from laying down right after eating.  Give your body time to start digesting food before it can come back up.

Another strategy is to take a bite and then drink some water. This will force you to slow down. Take smaller bites and take your time to enjoy the whole meal.


Eat Before You Go And Bring Snacks

Eating before you head to that holiday party gives you an opportunity to focus on the party instead of worrying about the food you might be consuming.

Instead of eating the larger dinner at the gathering, you can enjoy some of the desserts that are available. If there is an after-work party or parties back to back, try bringing a food that you know you can eat and that you can share with the party.

It’s always good to be mindful of what you’re eating but don’t try to ruin the party for yourself by avoiding food at all costs. It’s fairly common to fluctuate between weight during the holidays.

Holidays are filled with love and joy and you should be able to enjoy yourself. If you can balance out your meals while going to holiday parties, you will be on track for healthful eating. Always ask the host if you can bring a dish that you can enjoy and to share with the rest of the party guests. This helps you still know how much you are consuming and what you are consuming as well. If there are lots of different desserts at one party, try to balance it out with some of the healthier options at the next! Holidays are such fun times filled with family, friends, and food and balanced eating is so easy to accomplish if you set your mind to it!  


Drink Fluids

In an effort to stay hydrated and avoid eating too much in one sitting, try drinking water or any non-alcoholic beverage in between bites. This can help you feel full without consuming too much food and will leave you feeling great!


Need a little support?  

Make sure you stay on track! We have a fun and free Facebook Group, called the Performers.  It is a community of men and women motivated to stay on track through the holidays. Check out the Performers Facebook page and share your nutrition goal!


by Marie Wolf


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