Finding The Perfect Fitness Community For You

Finding The Perfect Fitness Community For You

Fitness communities are so important in accomplishing your nutrition and fitness goals. This is where individuals with similar goals come together to share advice, interest, or to gain knowledge. The group might consist of a daily post that involve fitness and nutrition, or motivational quotes to help with reaching specific goals.

Groups also allow for members to share their own nutrition and fitness experiences to help others with their journey. You can also expect a friendship that goes beyond the fitness and nutrition backbone. In other words, being in a fitness community can provide you with ongoing support that will keep you motivated and happy.

How do you find the right community for you?

First, you need to identify what your goals are and the type of support you might need. Join a group that has similar vision and values as you. If you are not comfortable to join on your own, involve partners or friends to join you.

Information for nutrition/fitness groups can be found in locations near you! In-person, your local community center, gym, or coffee shop may have groups that will attract your interest. If you would like online options, Facebook, Instagram or the Nextdoor app are all great resources to find a group in your location!

Still, not convinced enough to join a nutrition/fitness group? Here are four reasons why you should join now!


  1. Motivation

It is difficult to begin a journey on your own, especially if it is your first time. fitness/nutrition communities provide motivation through daily words of encouragement or photos of successful members. Not only that, but other members provide words of motivation and some will be alongside the journey with you. If you’re tired of doing the same routine every day, a fitness community will also help motivate you by providing new workouts and recipes that you can try yourself. Nothing gets you more motivated than trying a new workout or recipe for the first time!


  1.  Accountability

When you join a fitness community, others will hold you accountable.The great thing about a fitness/nutrition communities is that people actually care and will notice you have been absent. They will ask the famous question “where have you been” and continue to wonder if you are in good health.


  1. Assistance

Taking on a new lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight and is not easy. You will have questions and you will need assistance. Fitness/nutrition communities are a great way to seek advice or vent the issues you may have. If you’re constantly struggling with the results of your fitness journey, the group is a location where you can ask for assistance and relate to others. Groups can provide science-related topics that answer a member’s most common questions. In some groups, posting or asking questions is available to you 24/7. But if you join a large community, you have access to a variety of members who are willing to help you with any needs possible.


  1. Friendship

Once you have found the right community, you begin to notice similar qualities you have with others. Fitness/nutrition communities are not only for working out and nutrition, but also about building a relationship with others that share the same interest as you. Later on, the same people you work out with can turn out to be those that mean so much. Even though some communities will be online, the relationship of tackling a fitness journey on together will ignite you to meet in-person and do so in your locations of choice.

If you are interested in joining and fitness/ nutrition community, Eat 2 Perform’s “The Performers” is a Facebook community group where everyone can join to receive guidance, support, and friendship. Joining the page will provide ongoing support from each of the members and the admins themselves. You will be apart of a culture that educates and empowers members to be their absolute best and achieve their goals.



The Performers provides assistance when needed and will partake in answering of any questions you may have. Lastly, you will have fun joining a community that is beyond the foundation of nutrition and fitness, we are here to offer support and a fun social setting to our members.


by Rafael Bettencourt


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