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At every client's first appointment, I do an initial assessment. In the initial assessment, we discuss medical and diet history, behaviors, physical activity and goals. When discussing client's eating behaviors, more often than not I hear that clients do not eat with intent.
People are under the impression that I only do Sports Nutrition because of the name, Eat 2 Perform. I choose the name because eating has so much to do with your everyday performance. Whether you are a competitive athlete, an executive, a full time Mom or an HR director. You need to maintain your energy throughout the day to be productive and do all the things you love in life.
This past weekend between soccer games I took some of the boys on my older son’s soccer team to see Life of Pi. I heard the book was slow and not very engaging so I was hesitant to see the film. The movie was nothing like that. It was deep with many layers. One of the things that I took away from the movie was how little we really need in life. Whether its material or psychological junk we clutter our lives with, it’s there. When Pi was stranded on the Pacific Ocean stripped of everything he had he became introspective. He really was able to go within and start looking at himself and his thoughts.
Time to reset! I’m resetting this year too. I’ve kind of reset my whole practice with a new focus….Technology. Yup, the T word! For some of us this is a no brainer, it comes very naturally. For me, health and wellness comes naturally, not technology. That being said, I changed my mindset and decided that this would be the best way to reach more people. I have to say, it’s a bit scary.